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Dear Colleagues,

I am really privileged to be President of our esteemed Federation, FOGSI of which I have been a member since 1984. Believe me, I cherish every moment of the 30 years of this learning process as FOGSI has given me a platform for interaction with colleagues from all over India   at an academic and personal level.  FOGSI is one of the largest organizations of specialized professionals with over 29,310 members spread in 225 societies. FOGSI is a classical confluence of unity in diversity like the Indian nation.

The phenomenal growth, progress and spectacular achievements of the FOGSI speak volumes of the solid foundation laid as well as the vision, able guidance and leadership provided by the founder members.  With this background I would like to share my vision for FOGSI.

My theme :  Empower women … Empower India …. Pledge  for  excellence!!  Though women have progressed in a number of spheres yet much more needs to be done. FOGSIANS should work along  with health care policy  makers  to  address  women’s health needs  in  a holistic way starting from conception to senescence  as  Women’s health  is wealth of the Nation.

Maternal mortality is one of the basic health indicators of a society. Our vision 2020 is to have maternal mortality rate comparable to that of the developed countries. We can do this if every FOGSIAN pledges for excellence, works in close liaison with the existing National Health programs in collaboration with FOGSI. 

We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone. ….. Ronald Reagan Focused workshops for training & capacity building of maternity care providers for Management  of  Postpartum hemorrhage  and  Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy  which will  help in  reduction of Maternal Mortality & Improve  Perinatal outcome …need of the hour !!

Workshops  for  achieving excellence in practice ... With the help of our team   we  have designed  18 workshops  on various important clinical  topics, to ensure that  everyone  gets  empowered  with  the latest   knowledge and enhances  their skills. These include PCOS, Infertility & Ovulation Induction, Early & Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, Caesarean skills, Management of Fetal growth restriction, Preterm Labour, Neonatal resuscitation, Postpartum care and Contraception. New focused workshops are on PCPNDT issues, Safety First & Sexual health issues.

The FOGSI FORCE  program for  postgraduate  doctors   continues and  also helps them to have an exam  oriented  training.

Speciality courses : FOGSI - GESTOSIS  Certificate course  in Standardized  Management of  Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy  which will  be will be launched soon. It will facilitate a systematic management of hypertension  &  prevent  eclampsia  across India and  help  reduce  morbidity  and mortality.  This is a  three year project   which  will  train  all  our   FOGSIANS.

Youth  Melas  for  empowering the youth .. the future  of tomorrow ! We have conceptualised the YOUTH MELAS   for boys and girls (16-24 years) which is an awareness program addressing : 

  • Communication skills
  • Know Your Body,  Healthy Diet & Staying fit 
  • Prevention of  unwanted pregnancy, HIV, Sexually Transmitted   Infections and  Cancer Cervix
  • Prevention from physical and sexual abuse
  • Self defense & First Aid
    Trained doctors have been conducting this interactive program which has been immensely appreciated by students.  We have done 35 Youth melas so far and reached out to 10000 young people.

Prevention of Cervical  Cancer awareness programs at various  Medical colleges  are being done Felicitation of women achievers in 2014 in many parts of India to promote them as role models for society.

FOGSI Antiobesity Drive   as Obesity is now a national threat. With  every  Kilo  weight  loss  recorded  by   a gynecologist  during treatment  of  their obese clients, one  healthy  meal  will  be  given  to  a  malnourished  child.

Good Clinical Practice Guidelines :  We have had  intensive special interest  group meetings with experts and   have formed a  evidence based  good clinical practice guideline  on Caesarean section, Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy Preventing PPH, Fetal growth restriction and Vaccinations in women .  These will be uploaded on the website and will be very beneficial for our colleagues.

Conferences  in 2014 :  Our National focused conferences  were on  important subjects   Medicolegal  Updates  (West  Bengal Society of OBGYN)  in May, Harmony with Hormones  (Mumbai Society) in June, Pelvic Floor.. Unfolding the facts (Pune Society) in June 2014, Journey to Safer Pregnancy (Jaipur society) in July & Modern Technology Saves Lives at Trichy in October.  We have a special program on   www. Empower.con for (Womanhood  Wisdom  and  Wellness) in October at Mumbai .

Our Yuva FOGSI (zonal conferences at Faridabad, Mysore, Bhubaneshwar and Nashik have given a platform to our Young FOGSIANS to showcase  their scientific activities.

International  conferences  2014 : A grand  congress  in collaboration with  RCOG World Congress 2014  at  Hyderabad in  March, SAFOG - FIGO conference  with  participation from FOGSI at  Srilanka  in October. We also   have a   FOGSI   INDO - NEPAL summit  to share ideas on Save the Mother and child  in  November.

FOGSI  ICOG has achieved International collaboration  of  the FOGSI - MICOG exam  with the  Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists  for  Part 1 exam from March 2014 and  Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (RCPI)  for part 2 MICOG - MRCPI exam, 2014.

Initiation of  a master class IGNITE  &  FOGSI - ICOG Travelling seminars in 5 cities with the European school of Perinatology in Oct. 2014.

A landmark achievement for this year  is  procuring a grand new place which will be  FOGSI’s address in the future . It will have   a   computer updated ,web enabled   state of art  office with a  reception,  a plush auditorium   for our  meetings  and  ICOG  courses  and  a  visitors  area.

With blessings from the Almighty, support from my family, and the entire TEAM 2014, I stand before you as President to take our vision forward and ask each of you to Pledge for excellence  and help me in  my  endeavour  to  Empower  the women …thus empowering India. This Annual report is a true reflection of the hard work put in by the office bearers, chairpersons and members.

Together, we can achieve the goals set forth & also push beyond to frontiers that may test us, but in the process, I believe make us stronger and closer to serve the women  and  make a difference.

‘Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of individuals working together in tandem!’

Dr.Suchitra N.Pandit

President FOGSI

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